The IMIS has been founded by Prof. Dr. Michael Herczeg in 1997 and has since then been led by him as director. We are an institution for education and research at the University of Luebeck and are strongly oriented at theoretical and practical issues of modern interactive computer and media technology.

Teaching, learning and development take place closely interrelated at the IMIS. We connect university research and teaching to current developments and applications from companies as well as public administrations. Students have manifold opportunities of contributing to research and application projects and thereby getting in contact with companies and research institutions.

Scientific work at the IMIS is strongly interdisciplinary and combines Computer Sciences, Psychology, Pedagogy, Cognitive Sciences, Ergonomics, Sociology and Design.

Our main topics in work and teaching are Human-Computer Interaction and Interactive Media. These areas strive to effectively, efficiently and satisfyingly link human and technology in specific applications, environments and cultures. Furthermore, motivational and emotional effects and the experience with computer applications are considered or induced intentionally. Activity and Media Theory are the foundations of this approach and are transferred to modern computer-based tools and media using methods from Software Ergonomics, Interaction Design and Usability Engineering. We apply these in different cultural contexts, mainly work, education and entertainment.

The IMIS coordinates a study programme in Media Informatics (Bachelor and Master) and provides lectures for all Computer Science students on the topics mentioned above.