The IMIS is a university research institution for researching and development in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and Interactive Media since 1997.

We focus mainly on analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of user interfaces for multimedia and interactive computer systems that are user-centered and suitable for the task. For research and development we look at human-computer systems in their entirety - in the context of human, technology and organisation, often in the cultural context as well.

Our work is highly interdisciplinary: besides the basics in computer science and media technology we address physiological, psychological, pedagogical, sociological and design issues. In this context we consider the computer the most flexible extension of humans so far according to McLuhan. In using this new cultural medium the human is regarded in different contexts, like work, education and leisure. The information and communication technologies have to integrate seamlessly into the social, organizational, technical, temporal and spatial context of their users.

At the IMIS we develop and test theories, criteria, models and methods, tools and processes for evaluation and development of interactive multimedia computer systems. In addition to the academic education our employees advise private and public institutions in analyzing, developing and using multimedia and interactive systems.